International Horse and Equestrian Fair EQUIST - Istanbul

Horse Show

Turkey » Istanbul

Dates: May 11-13, 2018

Venue: Veliefendi Hippodrome Istanbul - Turkey

Opening hours: 10.00-19.00

Popularity of horse-riding increases day by day in Turkey, where amateur riders ride horses at clubs that give service as members of Turkish Equestrian Federation or independently. Growing income levels, changing living conditions as well as rise in number of country sides have resulted in an increase of interest in horses. At least one or a few horses are kept nearly at every farm. Horses are visible in movies, TV series or video clips. Parents nowadays prefer horses for the presents of their children instead of bicycles. Almost every celebrity gets horse-riding training.

EQUIST is the only exhibition not only in Istanbul or Turkey but in the entire region. In Turkey, there are 20 thousand sports and race horses; in total approximately 100 thousand horses exist.  In the last 10 years a total of 100 million-US-dollars have been invested in the equestrian sector and these investments continue...  30 thousand families make a living directly from equestrian industry.  Importation and breeding of race horses is in continuous development, and approximately 160 million-US-dollars prize money is distributed per year. In Turkey, sales proceeds from races increased to one billion Euros and moved up to the 8th rank in the World.

Range of Products and Services: Horses, Equestrian Clothing, Horse and Equestrian Equipment, Horse Care and Nutrition Products, Horse Health Supplies, Stable, Ménage, Pasture and Haulage Equipment, Works of Art, Services, Organizations, Publications.

Visit EQUIST FAIR because here you can find all in one place. EQUIST visitors will learn many things about horses, which they maybe never met before, while they can find the best equipment. EQUIST, where everything about horses and horse riding will be displayed, will offer to its visitors a rich product range, native and foreign origin horses as well as many interesting shows...



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