Cibali Vasilis Balikcisi

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Cibali Vasilis Balikcisi is a Greek tavern located in Fener, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, right by the Golden Horn. The owner, Mr.Vasilis, who took over the family business and continues it successfully, tries to keep the Greek tradition alive, combining it with modern times and giving to people the opportunity to experience those beautiful days of old Istanbul. Either you choose the more modern design on the middle floor of our building, either you find yourself sitting on the terrace, enjoying slowly your raki and the gourmet meals you rarely find in Istanbul, you will feel like a member of the cast in a movie made in 1950-1960. Sharing old Istanbul songs  with your loved ones on the table, the wind from the Golden Horn, the historical texture around you and the delicious seafood will awaken feelings inside you from a familiar past. Like the old stories of the neighborhood you once heard from your ancestors ...

In our restaurant you can enjoy Live Turkish-Greek music and we the night ends only when the fun is over. Come on, dance up! Zeybekiko, halay and whatever comes next ... just keep in mind, that the shoulder next to you is there to show you the real Istanbul ...

Greek Modern Cuisine, Aegean Cuisine, Traditional Greek Cuisine
Open all year around
Yavuz Selim Mh. Kadir Has Cd. No:61/A Halic / Istanbul
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