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Based in Istanbul, Geoaktif Cultural Center is an intersection, a meeting point of the ethnic cultures ranging from Middle East to the Balkans where ethnic language, music and dance lessons are organized. Geoaktif Cultural Centre was founded in 2010 in Beyoğlu - Istanbul and is engaged in a variety of cultures that co-exist for a lifetime in our geography.  As a cultural center, their mission is to help all these different cultures to come together and get closer to each other. Focusing on regional ethnic cultures, they teach ethnic languages spoken in and around Turkey as well as the music instruments and dances of different ethnic groups which are in the Turkish region. In addition to regular and long-term courses like language courses, music instrument courses and dance courses, they also organize workshops, seminars and panels.

In Geoaktif you can learn Greek dances including Syrtaki, Zeibekiko and Pontus dances following a program of 3month courses from September to June. In addition to the Greek-dance courses, Greek dancing parties are organized every Friday and Saturday with many traditional dances from all over Greece. Turks love the Greek dances and they learn them very easily. The Greek dance culture is highly appreciated in Turkey. Many Turks dance Syrtaki in the taverns while the most of the Greeks get up and dance at any occasion of entertainment.

In Geoaktif there are courses for the beginners as well as for the advanced ones. The courses last for 3 months with 12 lessons and 24 hours training totally. If you are interested for more information please contact the Geoaktif Center.


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