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The insurance company Guler Sigorta with 10 years experience, a continuous cooperation with 20 experts more than 4000 customers state perfectly satisfied, declares, from its Istanbul office, always ready to secure you against the dangers of life. We offer every kind of service:

  • Private health insurance for those who do not work and are not insured in any state body or parallel to the state health insurance, when it exists.
  • Home insurance to protect the house, objects, but above all human souls living inside it against accidents and disasters
  • Insurance for visa, considered to be a prerequisite to travel abroad and as a travel insurance guarantees in case of an accident or illness during your trip.
  • Compulsory car insurance, which every car owner should make for the case of an accident and any physical and material damage that may occur.
  • Child Insurance and Life Insurance to ensure a better future for your child and to take precautions against the dangers and the unexpected in life.

In Guler Sigorta we work with many insurance companies as we try to find for you the most suitable and cost effective solutions. Our goal is to create the basis for a global insurance company, friendly, reliable and full of positive energy. Take seriously the matter of your safety, please contact us, do not leave it for tomorrow, it may be too late ...

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