How to celebrate the New Year in Istanbul

Istanbul is a magical city anyway but especially in Christmas & New Year times it is full of interesting things to do, varying from sweet workshops and all day shopping to concerts and glamorous parties…If you are lucky enough to spend the New Year time in Istanbul, you will easily have a great time!  We selected some interesting things to do in the city of Istanbul for the New Year celebrations, enjoy!

  • Concert at the glamorous St. Antoine Church, originally called Sant'Antonio di Padova), and known in Turkish as Saint Antuan Kilisesi. The Saint Antuan church on bustling Istiklal Caddesi is the largest Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul and was built to serve the Italian community living in Istanbul. During the Christmas & New Year holidays Istanbul’s marvelous churches are definitely one of the best places to visit. Decoration, lighting, visitors in good mood make you feel the Christmas spirit the moment you step in one.
  • Cupcake & ‘Cocktail’ Workshops are an indispensable part of New Year time and these sweets contain joy instead of calories! As a collaboration of Santa & the Culinary Arts Academy (Mutfak Sanatları Akademisi), the most secreted New Year cupcake, ‘cocktail’, and cake recipes are given to sweet-lovers.
  • Fireworks over Bosphorus: For New Year celebrations in Istanbul, the sky is the limit! When the clock hits 00:00, a gigantic visual show will be triggered all over the city. Thousands of fireworks will turn the night into day and welcome the New Year with sparkling enthusiasm! Even though you can enjoy the show basically anywhere, it is better to be close to Bosphorus, preferably in Ortaköy or on a Bosphorus-tour boat. Enjoy the fireworks and make as many wishes as the number of fireworks you can count!
  • New Year Eve Bollywood Parties: many night clubs of Istanbul city guarantee you to have a unique New Year party with extraordinary activities mixing the joy of New Year and energy of Bollywood movies! You will be welcoming the baby year with ecstatic dances, colorful ambiance, and famous DJs!
  • Music concerts and New Year’s Eve events are everywhere: Istanbul, as a party city, couldn’t be expected to spend the New Year’s Eve sleeping! Show must go on and many famous singers & DJs will be on stage for Istanbulites to have an unforgettable night! There will be numerous options scattered all around the city as: WOW Istanbul (, Hilton Convention Hall 1 and Hall 2KEMPINSKI ÇIRAĞAN the mythical hotel palace on the banks of the Bosphorus offers a chic new year in two of its restaurants the Tuğra and the Laledan with an “à la carte” gala dinner and an after party at the Fumoir until the early hours of the morning where Jazz and pop concerts are also planned ( 29 the very elegant club-restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus from the Ulus Hill offers an unlimited 700TL meal and alcohol menu for the entire evening ( W Hotel Istanbul organizes a wonderful eve party with a dinner starting at 19.00 and with local famous DJs that will run from midnight to 5.00 am. The price is very correct; it is 500TL for dinner with unlimited alcohol included. You can also enjoy the Beşiktaş district next door, a popular and lively district not to be missed!  (
  • Highly recommended for the New Year Eve is also the very touristic cruise on the Bosphorus with shows and dinner included. Prices are between € 150 and € 200. During the evening you will cruise the Bosphorus between Asia and Europe passing along the Ottoman Palace, luxury villas and you will admire the panorama of Istanbul at night. The most is that you will be at midnight in the middle of the Bosphorus to start 2019 under the lights fireworks and the Bosphorus Bridge! (

Many prefer to spend this special night at home or at private parties, but Istanbul is so populous that all establishments are always full. So we recommend you to book as soon as possible, and especially not to go randomly in an area or a restaurant at the risk of spending your evening in a tourist trap.Join the joyous crowd and countdown for a marvelous New Year full of hope, love, fun and excitement! Happy New Year!





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