IMBROS or GÖKÇEADA-a “heavenly” island with a long history

Turkey » Gökçeada-Imbros

Imvros or Gökçeada (in Turkish) is a town of Çanakkale and is the largest island of Turkey located at the north of the Aegean Sea and at the entrance of the Ellispontos Gulf. You can go to Gökçeada from the port of Çanakkale or from the port of Κabatepe by ferryboat. You arrive from Κabatepe to Gökçeada in average 1 hour and 15 minutes. When you come to Gökçeada, autonomy and splendid nature wait you in the heart of the island. Gökçeada has all kinds of transportation vehicles. You can reach to the hospital and other health services easily and at the same time you can meet all your needs from the places where organic products produced in the restaurants, grocery stores, etc are sold. When you start to walk around the surroundings of Gökçeada, you will be accompanied by magnificent thyme smells, lambs and goats during your visit.  The abundance of water resources is a striking feature of Gökçeada. The First Underwater National Park in the Sea is located here. Olive trees have been on the island for hundreds of years, so it is possible to see 300 - 400 years old olive trees.

The sea of ​​Gökçeada is one of the cleanest seas of Turkey and is ideal for both diving and swimming. Due to the windy nature of the island and its geographical feature, it is a candidate to be one of the World's major Surf Centers! Gökçeada is considered as one of the most important centers of Turkey on the wind surf. Aydıncık Beach, which has been visited by foreign surfers for many years, has been the center of Bulgarian-Romanian surfers in recent years. Gökçeada is almost all year round suitable for windsurfing. Aydıncık Beach is preferred because of its natural structure and seclusion which is ideal for surfing. Although the beach is on the southern coast of the island, the northern winds (breeze) are reaching it without any obstacles. Because the northerly winds from the Kefaloz bay are strengthened by the corridor effect created here due to the fact that the Salt Lake is not high and the barrier is blowing south, the sea in Aydıncık becomes ideal for surfing, windy but without waves. When the wind comes from the south, the same happens in the opposite direction, and these who want to surf in a sea with less waves, are heading for Kefaloz Bay immediately. Another advantage of Aydıncık is that the wind does not turn into a storm, that is, its intensity fluctuates homogeneously without changing... Aydincik Beach has Windsurf clubs where you can get private lessons. The windsurfing is a sport that does not require any special skills that people of all ages can do. Beginners can stand on board and sail after boarding by getting private lessons of 6-10 hours. But you have to be trained and work for a long time to get ahead on the windsurfing. It is also possible to rent the appropriate equipment from the clubs. Tuition fees are 50 TL and the cost of renting the equipment varies between 30-40 TL.

Visiting the oldest settlement of the island, the Greek Cypriot, is an unforgettable experience as it will fascinate you with its authentic ambiance... The island has also sheep and goat farming, where sheeps and shepherds roam freely in the mountains. We can say that the meat is organic because the animals are fed with thyme and wild plants, and the flavor of the island's meat dishes is magnificent. There are boutique hotels and resorts on the island and the accommodation prices are quite cheap compared to many other resorts in Aegean.

So what do you think? Let's meet in Gökçeada this summer!


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