15th International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair

Turkey » Istanbul

Date:  6 – 8 April 2023

Place: Istanbul Expo Center/ Atatürk Hava Limanı Karşısı, 34149 Yeşilköy-İstanbul TURKEY  

Visiting Hours: 10:00-19:00

The pulse of the world's "Energy" power and the roadmap of energy will be determined on April 6-8, 2023 at the 15th SOLAREX Istanbul! Solar Energy and Technologies Fair “Solarex Istanbul” - Turkey’s first and only solar energy themed fair - is fair which provides a chance for Turkey to take important steps in the direction of being a production centre in the field of solar energy. Being a commercial platform where the latest technologies in the world in the field of solar energy and new products produced in Turkey are presented all together, “International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair” has the characteristics of being an organization in which sector’s leading firms and representatives meet. The fact that there is a fair focusing on that subject in Turkey -recognized as one of the most sunny countries - draws intense interest from various world brands which are recognized worldwide and willing to make investments in Turkey. “Solarex Istanbul” is a fully-established organization and it keeps growing with intense interest of foreign participants. “Solarex Istanbul” aims at telling the importance of clean energy both to participant firms and to the visitors with the seminars planned. The fair is comprised of various different activities, which visitors will participate in, as well as the symposiums and firm conferences. Sector’s leading organizations are illuminating the sector with the seminars during the fair, where seminars are conducted especially in the field of financing, investment and production. All the members of sector come together in the fair, where world solar energy’s CEOs, senior managers, purchasing directors, manufacturers, consumers, academicians, students and domestic and foreign representatives of solar energy sector take part. A new platform, where sector collaborates with Solarex Istanbul and which puts solar energy together with industrialists, has been emerging.


PHOTOVOLTAICS: Cells, modules, inverters, measuring and control technologies, chargers, batteries, cables, connectors, junction boxes, solar tracking systems, installation systems, building integrated solutions (BIPV), “Stand Alone” systems, solar power plants, Energy storage systems, EPC companies, jelly, solar cables, turnkey off-grid systems, solar pumps, cogeneration, regulators, solar lighting, power supplies, solar powered consumer products, wafers, materials and production equipment …

THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES: Heat exchangers, measurement and control technology, installation systems, storage tanks, production technology and equipment, ventilation, cooling, building integrated solutions, heat treatment, solar thermal power plants, power plants, water heaters, condensers, collectors, fittings, expansion tanks, degassers …

OTHERS: Research and development, testing institutes, sector press and other publishers, education, finance, organizations, associations, insurers, universities, consultants …


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