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Starkim has been a major manufacturer of Chafing fuels, oil lamps and oil cartidges, igniters, cooking apparatus and bioethanol fireplaces in Turkey since 1993. Under the brand names Starjel, Starlight, Starwick and Starfire, the company has become well known not only in Turkey, but also worldwide. Today, Starkim Kimya is exporting 80% of its products to more than 15 countries, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

With a successful combination of development, innovation and high quality, our products guarantee efficient heating and unlimited design opportunities for spaces where fixed chimney, electricity and gas system are not available, making sure, at the same time, that 100% of the exhaust is not in the environment due to clean environment-friendly fuels.

With the motto “what is new today, is old tomorrow” always in our mind, our goal is to obtain a leading position in the HORECA market.



Fatih, Kubilay Cad. No:2, 34290 Kucukcekmece Istanbul, Turkey
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