Survivor Turkey-All Star 2022-The Party of the Union of the two Teams

What happened at the Survivor 2022 Unification Party

On Monday 28/3/2022 took place the GREAT UNION PARTY for the two teams (red and blue) of the SURVIVOR-TURKEY-ALL STAR where the players enjoyed a wonderful evening with music, good food, dancing and singing…The players of both teams attended the concert of Edi-the famous singer of Turkey-and held the traditional singing competition with the songs of their choice. Murat Ceylan, one of the presenters of the competition, played the piano as a surprise. Gizem and Seda got the highest scores on the singing contest and Gizem was the winner after the second performances. Gizem Meriç got the highest score and became this year's champion and got the prize: the winner of the singing competition will be able to visit Survivor in the next season. There was also a big table with delicious food and all Survivor contestants came together, ate and chatted all night long.All the players of both teams of the Greek Survivor 2022 participated in the Union Party of the Turkish Survivor All Star!

At the Survivor All Star Union Party table there were: raw meatballs, stuffed meatballs wrapped in olive oil, pies, seasonal salad, chicken Caesar salad, pita with cheese, lahmacun, French fried potatoes, skewers, spaghetti Bolognese, bulgur pilaf, stuffed peppers with meat, ravioli. Turkish survival reality now continues with the union of the two teams although the producer and presenter of Turkish Survivor Acun Ilıcalı told at the island’s council that the last decision to unite the two teams will be made by evaluating the results of the research started in social media without to give another clear explanation regarding this subject.