Where and when is the Final and who are the finalists?

Turkey » Bodrum

"SURVIVOR 2019", the ultimate survival reality game with seven EMMY awards, is coming to the end for this year as only a few days remain until its Big Final! And because “Survivor” has been proven many times that it is a game with twists and turns, we have a last-minute bomb change with the decision of Acun Ilicali that both Finals of the reality game (Greek & Turkish Final) will take place on Sunday 30th of June, in Bodrum in Turkey! The Finals will be broadcasted live in Greece and Turkey and will be presented by Acun Ilicali on behalf of the TV8 channel for Turkish side and by Sakis Tanimanidis on behalf of SKAI-TV for Greek side. From the two parallel finals 2 winners will arise, a Turk and a Greek respectively, and the prize will be, as in the last year, 100,000 EUR.

Who are the 4 Greeks and the 4 Turks going to the Final? According to the latest results of the game's competitions, the 4 Greek players who will "cross their swords" in the Greek final to claim the big prize will be: Katerina Dalaka, Aphrodite Skafida, Dimitra Bamvakousi and Nikos Kosmas. As for the Turkish players is concerned, the 4 finalists consist of: Senta, Emre, Okai and Yusuf!

So on Sunday 30 June...stay tuned...on your screens to watch live from Bodrum THE BIG FINAL of SURVIVOR 3-GREECE & TURKEY on SKAI-TV (for Greece) and on TV8 (for Turkey)! Congratulations to all FINALISTS SURVIVORS and GOOD LUCK! Let's see who will be the "special" two players-one from each country-who will win the Big Prize!

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