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Vadistanbul AVM located at Sarıyer in the north of Istanbul, is one of the largest shopping malls in Turkey; it has a leasable area of 103 thousand m² and opened its doors on September 14 of 2017. Vadistanbul’s project is a joint venture between Artaş, Invest Joint Venture, and Evyap, who are among the most prominent firms in the construction sector, and its interior design is created by 3XKO and Benoy architects. Set to be a favorite address for shopping, with one of the highest retail footfalls in Istanbul, the scheme has been designed with the “dynamics of the 4th generation shopping mall” in mind. Combining leading fashion brands housed within 270 stores, ambitious gastronomic restaurants, cafes, Magic World Entertainment Center, all amenities maximize on the unique natural scenery, to heighten the shopping experience. But Vadistanbul is not just a big Shopping Center; it is one of the biggest mixed projects of Istanbul with its entire construction site that includes several functions within its own scope. Vadistanbul consists of 3 stages: Teras, Bulvar and Park. Developed on an area of 424 thousand sqm, Vadistanbul comprises 1.915 flats, a shopping mall with 103.000 sqm, a 760 meters long shopping avenue full of street shops, fully equipped office space of 300 thousand sqm, home offices of 20 thousand sqm, and a 5 star hotel with an area of 25.500 sqm. The total constructional area of Vadistanbul is 1.350.000 sqm…Vadistanbul Park is growing with large green fields just beneath Belgrad Forest to provide a unique experience in Istanbul…With 804 flats comprising mostly 3+1 and 4+1, Vadistanbul Park is building a great source of happiness for families. With its kindergarten, air rail connection to the metro, mall, shops, shopping avenue, parks and cafés, it marks a new way of life meeting all your needs. In this place you will have the pleasure of shopping in the open-air shopping streets of Istanbul with famous world-famous brands, shops, bistros, restaurants, and cafes. The shopping center, which will be the newest eating and drinking center of Istanbul with its distinguished tastes, will have the comfort not to look at the famous shopping streets in the world and will also host the French fashion giant Galleries Lafayette. Vadistanbul Cinemaximum has the latest cinema technology in the world with its Gold Class and Screen -X lounges. The Gold Lounge offers maximum comfort with its spacious and tidy armchairs, slippers and shawl service; The Screen-X room has a special acoustic sound system, a vast seating arrangement, and a 270-degree curtain design, providing excellent visibility from every corner of the room. Also the Magic World Entertainment Center; It is the new address for both adults and children, with entertaining areas such as bowling, laser tag, crashing auto, soft play playground, climbing walls, as well as party streets and cafes where birthdays and other events can be organized. Vadistanbul is also distinguished by a variety of transportation means which makes it easily accessible through TEM access roads. Moreover, Vadistanbul created the first monorail in Turkey through an investment of TRY 120 million to provide access to Seyrantepe metro station. “Havaray Line” connects Vadistanbul to the main city Centrum. Such an alternative transportation facility which Vadistanbul presents its residents and visitors makes Vadistanbul more privileged…When you will go to Vadistanbul you will experience a non-stop day and night life from its movie hall to offices, from access roads to air rail, from restaurants to streets…and much more….

As Nelson Mandela said:”It always seems impossible until it’s done.” “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and Vadistanbul is the proof for that! Here you can live the life you have imagined... as this great project - realized in one of the most beautiful cities of the world - is the most perfect "paradise imitation" you can find on earth!


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