Ayran-the Turkish Yoghurt Drink

Take a break and enjoy drinking a glass of Ayran….

Ayran is a super refreshing and healthy Turkish drink, a unique yogurt smoothie that is consumed by millions of Turks every day. The favorite time for drinking it, is lunchtime. If you want to be really Turkish, then simply head to a kebab shop at lunchtime and order kebab and Ayran. Ayran is a perfect summer drink, usually served chilled as an appetizer although it can’t be limited to one season as it can be consumed all year round. It is a refreshing drink, hence, it can be consumed any number of times in a day. It goes quite well with döners, pastries and kebabs. This drink may also be served with main course dishes. Various street foods and fast foods are commonly eaten with ayran. It is typically served in tall glasses or in big juice or beer glasses. You can easily find and buy it at all supermarkets. This white colored, frothy drink is quite popular in various Balkan regions, central parts of Asia and in Middle Eastern countries. Some of the popular regions where Ayran recipe is fondly prepared are Albania, Bosnia, Greece, Lebanon and Syria. This drink is commonly called with different names in all these regions and in Greece is called ‘ariani’. If you are not in Turkey, then you can make it yourself at home by simply mixing yogurt, water and salt in amounts to suit your taste buds. Ayran is a very simple drink easy to prepare with mixing method. It can either be mixed manually or blended in a food processor until frothy and produces foam. Yogurt is diluted with water, or cucumber juice or both in equal proportions. Little salt is added to give flavor to the drink. Garlic is added usually in powder form. For extra flavor chopped mint leaves are added while blending. Mint may also be incorporated at the time of serving. Preparation of ayran recipe is easy and it can be prepared beforehand and kept in refrigerator until served.

Ayran is also a highly nutritive and very healthy drink due to the presence of various beneficial ingredients. Yogurt being a dairy product is high in protein and calcium. Other components such as cucumber are highly refreshing and full of nutrients. Garlic, salt and mint are refreshing as well as healthy. It is very easy to make this drink on your own by mixing all the ingredients mentioned above, according to your own taste and desired thickness. It literally takes 5 minutes of your time and 3 simple ingredients, that include water, yoghurt and sea salt. When you taste this refreshing, salty and delicious drink, you will love it right away!

Ayran – Turkish Yogurt Drink Receipt- makes about 2 cups


  • 1 cup yogurt, preferably full-fat
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 4 cubes of ice
  • 4 mint leaves, optional
  • Salt

Method: Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until everything is well combined and frothy. Refrigerate for roughly one hour and then carefully ladle into glasses, keeping the frothy texture.